5 Tips How To Sell a House Fast

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Are you looking to absolutely make the most money for your home? Speed may be the answer you’ve been searching for. Most sellers today don’t realize that the faster you sell your home, the more money you get. In fact you get your best offers in the first 17 days on the market. Here are 5 ways how to sell a house fast and guarantee yourself more money.

Tip #1: Price Your Home Right

The number one way how to sell a house fast in any market is to price it right. With low inventory today, pricing the home right creates a separation from the competition and really allows the home’s value to stand out. To create value there are 2 choices, have more features and benefits for the same price or you simply have to have a lower price. By pricing it right you not only get more showings but you get better offers which equals more money.

Tip #2: De-Clutter the Home

One of the most important aspects in getting the home ready for sale and how to sell a house fast is to declutter the home. For most sellers this is the hardest and most time consuming part of the process. It is important to declutter your home so that it appears clean, neat, orderly and spacious. Removing clutter from the kitchen & bath room countertops, packing and storing off-season clothes, putting away all lose paper and excessive clutter in the family room or office can have a huge payoff when potential buyers come through.

Tip #3: Don’t Over Upgrade

One of the biggest mistakes that sellers do is over upgrade the property. Remember quick fixes and touch ups always pay off vs mammoth makeovers. Adding a new fresh coat of paint on the walls, replacing door handles & cabinet knobs, replacing old rusted light fixtures, making sure all closet doors are on track, fixing leaky faucets and cleaning the grout in all showers & baths are simple and inexpensive ways to give any home an instant face lift and make it look more marketable. This is a big part of how to sell a house fast.

Tip #4: Get Weekly Updates

One of the most effective ways how to sell a house fast is to review the market conditions and comparable homes on a weekly bases. Every 7 days you should be reviewing the new homes that came on the market, the new homes that reduced their price, the new homes that received an offer and the new homes that just closed. Armed with this information you can make any adjustments necessary to make sure you are always one of the top 2 homes in terms of value & price. With the advent of the internet, buyers today are much more educated and do much more research during the buying process. As a result sellers today need to make sure they are just as educated so they can stay ahead of the competition.

Tip #5: Find The Right Agent to learn how to sell a house fast

One of the most overlooked parts in the selling process is the selection of the right real estate agent. Most people assume that all agents are the same and basically offer the same type services and results. Unfortunately for the consumer, that could not be further from the truth. With the average agent selling less than 3 homes a year, the selection process becomes even more important. When hiring an agent, you want someone that is proactive, energetic, and has a recent track record of selling homes fast. So here are 3 questions you should ask every agent before you hire them to make sure he or she knows how to sell a house fast:

1) How many homes have you personally sold in the last 12 months?

2) What is your average days on the market to sell a home?

3) Outside of open houses, what is your marketing plan to sell the home?


Remember the past performance of an agent can help you better predict their future performance. The more homes an agent sells, the more value they can bring to you through their connections, past clients & sphere, and other potential buyers they may be working with. When you follow these guidelines and you focus on how to sell a house fast, you can ensure that you will not only get your home sold or top dollar but you will also make the process a lot easier for yourself.

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