5 Ways to Find Hidden Northern Virginia Real Estate Listings

Northern Virginia Real Estate Listings

With hundreds and even thousands of homes on the market in your area, it can be hard to find the best of the northern Virginia real estate listings. Sometimes, a gem may be hidden among those listings that would be the perfect home for you. Here are five ways to find what you’re looking for:

1. Broaden Your Search Terms

People often try to find exactly what they want in a home and use narrow perimeters for their searches. Instead, be willing to broaden your search to see what’s available. This may mean seeing what 3three-bedroom homes are available instead of four bedrooms, or considering a townhouse instead of a single-family home.

2. Broaden Your Price Range

While it’s never advisable to go beyond the price you feel comfortable with, it doesn’t hurt to extend your price range when searching. For example, your target home may be $200,000 maximum. If you include homes just above that price in your search, you may discover a house that’s been on the market for several weeks. The seller may be willing to accept an offer at your target just to get it sold.

3. Check Realtors’ Websites

Look at both company and individual agent sites to see what listings are available. While these listings are on the general sites, you may learn more about them here. For instance, some real estate agents include video and extra photos to give you a more in-depth look at a home. You never know when these northern Virginia real estate listings might have what you’re looking for.

4. Visit Craigslist

Online sites like Craigslist allow you to view listings in your area. Agents often put their listings on therebecause of the search function. You can also set up an alert to notify you anytime a home is posted that meets your keyword. This function is especially helpful if you live in another area and are looking at northern Virginia real estate listings to find a home.

5. Check First Look

Foreclosures can be a viable option if you’re looking for a good deal on a nice home. The Fannie Mae Home Path program allows buyers to find out about the newest listings even before they are made public. You just have to sign up on their website to learn about homes as they become available. You have 20 or 30 days to put in an offer before they are made available to the general public.

Because you are competing against fewer buyers, you can end up with a lower purchase price on the home you select.
While hundreds of homes may be available in your area, it can be difficult to find the one you want.Sometimes it seems like hunting for a diamond in the rough. You have to learn how to search for your home through listings and sort through options to find those that appeal. With a little persistence and time, you can find your home amongst the northern Virginia real estate listings.

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