6 Reasons to Buy a Northern Virginia Home

Buying a Northern Virginia Home

House buyers always have the dilemma of searching for a new home. Of course, there are several things to consider before buying a new home. Money and the place are the biggest factors when it comes to this.

I understand how hard it is looking for a new place, and this is why I recommend you to consider buying a home in Northern Virginia. Why, you say? Well, Northern Virginia is the heart and soul of Virginia, mainly because it is the high-income area of the state. It also contains several prominent sites such as Mount Vernon and the Pentagon. Recently, it’s been reported that Northern Virginia has over 2.8 million people, making it the most populous region of Virginia.

So…Are you looking for a new home? Whether for you or your whole family? In this article, I’m going to convince you of why buying a Northern Virginia home may be the smartest decision you will ever make.


  • Northern Virginia homes have low interest rates – As of now, the current interest rates are unbelievably low. So if you purchase a house today, you could lessen your monthly payments.


Let’s say, for example, person A bought a house today with a 10.5% interest rate. The next week, person B decided to buy a house next to person A, but this time, they were offered with a much higher rate of 20%. Obviously, interest rates cannot stay in one place eternally, because it will eventually rise again, so it’s better to take advantage of the low rates now than endure a much higher interest rate later.


  • Means of transportation continue to expand – Northern Virginia contains two major airports and several Metrorail systems, which signify a wealthy and growing state.
  • In Northern Virginia, education is a priority – If you are planning to get your whole family settled in one place, then choosing Northern Virginia is a clever move for you. Northern Virginia contains several respected schools, both public and private, like Northern Virginia Community College, Marymount U., and George Mason University.
  • Buying a home in Northern Virginia is a great investment – The price of houses continues to grow every year, making a home a great idea for investment. If you buy your home now for $200, 000, in five to ten years, it could be worth $500,000 or above. This gives you the liberty to rent a new house or even buy a bigger one!
  • Northern Virginia contains historical places – The region possesses several historical places, such as the Arlington National Cemetery; the National Battlefield Park, where the American Civil War happened; and the home of the first U.S president, George Washington.
  • Pay less and save more – Purchasing your own home is less expensive than renting a place. The truth is, I don’t see the sense of paying for someone else’s mortgage when I can easily just pay for my own mortgage and my own house! Furthermore, when you buy a new house, you can take the interest you pay from your own taxable income.
  • To buy a Northern Virginia home is inexpensive – Owning a house hasn’t been more reasonably priced. According to NAR, the prices of houses today are much cheaper than the houses that will be sold 20 years from now.


Even if you don’t have the money to pay a house today, there are several government programs that offer loans to prospective house buyers. Take FHA, for instance; they offer loans with an initial interest of 3.5% only.




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