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Braddock Rd is the place to be when it comes to the most comfortable and secured community to live in. It is located in the heart of Aldie, VA where all the good things are present. The economy has been stable for a long time because of the constant influx of people from different places which contributed to the workforce of the community. This is one of the reasons why people are going in, causing Braddock Rd real estate to flourish.

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One of the important things to consider is the availability of academes in the community. Good thing that here in Braddock Rd there are schools which acquire good academic reputation and standing within the whole educational system of Aldie. You don’t have to worry anymore because these schools will make sure that your children will attain the lessons that will equip them in life.

These schools are:

  • Aldie Elementary School (2.8 mi)
  • Mercer Middle School (4.1 mi)

You should know that nothing should hold you back in purchasing a house because it is a good investment. Buying a unit among the available Braddock Rd homes will really benefit you no matter how costly it will be. The prices of the house here place around $450,000 to $700,000. The kinds of houses that you can choose from are town houses, bungalows, mansions and detachable houses.

Aldie is one of the most livable places because of the good things located here. The people are living their lives because of the endless opportunities they can get here. There are places they can go to whenever they feel stressed and they want to relax. There are job availabilities for you to support your family. Everything you need is here, so why go farther?

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