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Alexandria is an independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This city has a total population of 139,966 people way back in 2010. As estimated in 2014, its population had already reached 150,575 people. From the southern part of Washington D.C., its approximate distance is about 7 miles. So it’s truly near from the heart of Washington D.C. This is one of the reasons why people from other parts of the country really migrated to this place. Alexandria real estate has been so hot because of this fact. There has been, accordingly, a mixture of residents in this city, in terms of cultural lineage, ethnicity, and language.

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The constant growth of its population has triggered the dramatic increase in the sales of Alexandria homes. This reality has opened the opportunity for people to have a number of housing choices. Anybody can purchase a home at an affordable price depending on the financial capability. The Alexandria real estate experts, like Mike Putnam, who founded, have advised that it’s truly beneficial if people would buy a house in Alexandria at present.

10 Basic Reasons Why Buying a Home in Alexandria Is a Must

1. Economy is presently doing well.

Because the economy is doing well in Alexandria, buying a home is a wonderful thing to do. Why? There’s a good monetary flow. If you will transfer here, you can sustain your family needs, from daily foods to the education of your children, because the economy is really good.

2. There are good schools in Alexandria.

Because of the dynamic economy that triggers population increase every year, the school system has also flourished in this city. There are really great schools for your children. The schools can serve all academic levels, from pre-schools to college. This is a wonderful opportunity that you should not take for granted.

3. Jobs are available which lead to the increase in Alexandria real estate sales.

Somehow, this is related to the first item explained above. However, this reason must be explained in a separate context here, for you to understand deeper that the availability of jobs in this city is really important. When moving to a certain place, financial sustenance should be prioritized. In Alexandria, having any job related to your educational attainment, experience and skills is not a problem.

4. There is a low crime rate.

Despite the fact that this city is highly populated, the crime rate has still been low for several years now. Based on data, the level of crime incidence in the City of Alexandria is lower than the national average. This is one of the main factors why every year, population increases. Further, this is also one of the reasons why Alexandria real estate has been flourishing.

5. There are shopping and recreational centers nearby.

You want to live a happy, fulfilling and balanced life. As far as migration is concerned, you have to see to it that shopping and recreational centers could not be an issue. In Alexandria, there are nearby shopping and recreational centers. Therefore, buying a home here is a wonderful opportunity.

6. The climatic condition is definitely good.

The climatic condition in this city is characterized by humid, humid summers, as well as mild to cool winters. This climatic characterization is very suitable for a wonderful living. Thus, thousands of people are buying homes for sale in Alexandria.

7. There are so many restaurants servicing scrumptious foods.

This is supposedly part of your modern lifestyle. Your residence should not be that far from the great restaurants and cuisine areas. Once in a while, you want to bring your family or friends there just to take some well-cooked and nicely-served foods. In this city, there are a number of good restaurants which will truly satisfy your food craving.

8. The neighborhoods are peace-loving and nice.

This is part of the most important things you should take into consideration before buying a home anywhere. You should see to it that the neighborhoods are really nice to be with. In the City of Alexandria, rest assured they’re really peace-loving and nice. This is why the crime rate in this city has been very low for several years until now.

9. Housing inventory is very high.

As of the moment, there’s a high inventory in housing. It does simply mean that you can have hundreds of options. Then, the housing price varies from the cheapest to the most expensive houses. Depending on your desire and financial capacity, the available homes as listed in Alexandria real estate listing can really satisfy your aspiration and need.

10. You and your family can live a happy and fulfilling life once you buy a home in Alexandria.

The main essence of life is happiness. You want to be happy and fulfilled always, aren’t you? You want also your family to be happy, fulfilled and safe, aren’t you? When you buy a home in Alexandria, all these characteristics are present. Given the things that you really long for, from safety, to financial security, and to owning a nice and comfortable home, your life will really be satiated once you’re living in this city.

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