Annandale Real Estate

Annandale is one of the best places in Fairfax County, Virginia. The demographic survey way back in 2010 had shown that it has a total population of 41,008. There were more women (52.9 %) than men (47.1%). The average income per person in the year 2000 was $72,561, which had increased to $76,645 in the year 2013. The dramatic increase in every residents’ income is a certain indication that living in this city is quite good. There are a lot of jobs that trigger the holistic economic growth. The area itself has been very peaceful. There has been a low crime rate since the past few years. As a result, the Annandale real estate market has really been performing well for several years now.

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Few Facts About Annandale

As reported by the top Annandale realtors, the average condominium unit cost in 2013 was $388,789. This cost was a bit higher than the average condo unit cost in the entire State of Virginia, which was $239,300 in the same year. Further, there are a lot of available homes for sale in this place at present. Various types of homes are here, such as detached houses, townhouses, family homes (3 units or more per structure), and mobile homes. So if you want to live in Annandale, you can choose any of the available homes being sold here. Just look for the local listings on the web and you can also ask for a professional help from real estate experts, like Mike Putnam.

Dramatic Economic Growth Spurs Real Estate Progress

The economic profile of this city in Virginia has been very active and dynamic. Economic growth has had spurred the Annandale real estate progress. The continuing influx of people from other parts of the country has triggered the real estate developers to construct more homes and condo units for them.

The economic progress has been very evident because of the presence of big employers, such as SMC Concrete Construction, Professional Healthcare Resources, General Dynamics, AA Temps, Computer Sciences Corporation and many more. From small-scale, to medium-scale, and to big-scale employers, they are operating in this city. Finding a job here is not a problem. So long as you have the skills and academic credentials, you’re fit to have the job you ever wanted.

3 Important Things Why Buying a Home in Annandale Is Important

Economy Growth

Economic growth is one of the few reasons why people were migrating to Annandale from other places in the country. Since there is economic stability, it’s not hard to sustain a living here. In fact, the cost of living here is a bit higher in comparison to other cities in the State of Virginia. The economic gains people are getting from the businesses, peace and order, and holistic economic practices in this area have been the most solid reason why buying a home in Annandale is important.

Available Public and Private Schools

One very crucial aspect to look into, as far as migrating to a certain place is concerned, is the availability of schools where children can get their vital education. In the case of Annandale, there are so many schools here. The demographic increase in this area for so many years now is a supporting fact that the school system is quite good. The schools are performing well when it comes to the needed academic quality. The school teachers are teaching high-quality and updated standards in accordance with global competitiveness.

Affordable Homes

As you can see, there is an ongoing increase in population in this area. The population growth speaks in itself that there are affordable homes here. The said affordability reflects on the financial capability of the residents of this place. Once you are here, you can have jobs for your family to be sustained. You can buy foods and other basic needs. You can send your children to school. And above all, you can buy Annandale homes because you have the financial capacity.

Mike Putnam: The Most Popular Annandale Real Estate Expert

Given all the factors above, you need now to have the right person who can help you buy a home in Annandale. The Annandale Real Estate Expert being recommended is Mike Putnam. His name has already been cemented in the industry for several years now. You can buy the right home for your family once you contact this expert.