Baugher Dr Real Estate

Real Estate in Baugher Dr

One of the popular places in Centreville, Virginia is Baugher Dr because it offers great living to its residents. There are a lot of wonderful opportunities here because of the sustained economic condition. The Baugher Dr real estate has been good for so many years now.

Baugher Dr Real Estate

Available Schools

One of the factors that affect the decision of homebuyers is the distance of schools from the home to buy. In Baugher Dr, the schools are just a few steps away. These schools are:

  • Cub Run Elementary School (0.3 mi)
  • Stone Middle School (0.5 mi)
  • Westfield High School (1.3 mi)

Crime Occurrences

Every community should know that the safety of its people should be the first priority. To attain a crime-free environment may be difficult but with hard work, its number will be reduced. In Baugher Dr, you do not have to worry regarding your protection as this is one of the communities having low crime rates in the entire Centreville.

Types Of Houses

Baugher Dr homes are not so expensive. The price ranges from $300,000 to $800,000 per housing unit. Then, the home choices are:

  • Condo Units
  • Bungalows
  • Mansions
  • Townhouses
  • Detached Homes

Why Centreville?

Centreville is perfect for you because anything you need is here. Its economy has been so stable to support your material needs. It has outstanding institutions as well. There are also places for enjoyment like parks, malls, and restaurants.

Mike Putnam: The Greatest Realtor In Baugher Dr Real Estate

If you need assistance regarding your real estate venture, then you must ask the greatest guy for the job, Mike Putnam. He is the top Baugher Dr realtor in this neighborhood. He is equipped with sufficient knowledge and skills to help you attain ultimate satisfaction. You have to contact this housing expert today for you to ensure that buying or selling your home is done perfectly.

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