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Real Estate in Northbourne Dr

Being in Northbourne Dr is like being in the ideal place to live in. It has everything you ever need in life. More than that, it has a good and sustained economy to support its residents and for the residents support themselves and families. Opportunities are also abundant here that is why people are having the life they thought are only attainable in dreams. The community might be too good to be true but this is the truth. It is for you to discover more about Northbourne Dr real estate.
Northbourne Dr Real Estate

Availability Of Schools

Schools, as agent for the holistic necessities of the children, are important to be granted thus having them in every community is a must. They mold the young minds to be more mature and knowledgeable of the things that surround them. It is a good thing that in Northbourne Dr, not only that the schools are not that far away, they offer a top-notch quality education for its students. These schools are:

  • Poplar Tree Elementary School (0.6 mi)
  • Rocky Run Middle School (1.3 mi)
  • Chantily High School (1.7 mi)

Crime Rate Status

Being secured in a community is all one could ever ask for. It takes something for a community to be so calm and peaceful so what’s more practical to check out is its crime rate which implies that whether or not a place has frequent crimes. Good thing that according to Northbourne Dr real estate experts, this is one of the places with the lowest crime rates around Centreville.

Types Of Houses

Houses are more than a roof above you; it is an investment from which you can gain more than the amount of money you have lost. Northbourne houses are being sold at affordable prices which range from $450,000 to $850,000 per residential unit. You can choose from the types of houses which are bungalows, mansions, townhouses and multi-story houses.

Why Choose Centreville?

Centreville is one of the most ideal places to live in. It has a balance of what is needed by the people and what must be supplied. People have the best kind of living here due to the stable economy and endless opportunities. Places to relax and enjoy are also here to accommodate the people. There are institutions that offer social services to the people.

Mike Putnam: The Perfect Northbourne Dr Real Estate Specialist

No matter how taxing the real estate industry is, a lending hand will always help you ease the process. The perfect hand you should hold is Mike Putnam, the top Northbourne Dr realtor. Not only that he knows how the right strategies work, he is also easy to work with. His knowledge and experience will help you a lot in your real estate venture.

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