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Real Estate in Ordway Rd

If there’s a place for you to live in where you don’t have to worry about anything anymore, then you got to choose Ordway Rd in Centreville, Virginia. Since the influx of people is increasing, the economy has ever been this stable. There are countless possibilities for you and your family to have in this community. Because of the increasing population, Ordway Rd real estate has been consistently booming high which makes it a great industry in the community.

Ordway Rd Real Estate

Availability Of Schools

One of the reasons you have to consider in choosing a community to live in is the availability of schools. You have to be sure that your children are getting the quality education they need even in a new community. Here in Ordway Rd, you don’t have to worry about the educational system because there are a lot of great schools nearby.

  • Bull Run Elementary School (2.0 mi)
  • Liberty Middle School (2.2 mi)
  • Centreville High School  (2.8 mi)

Crime Rate Index

If you are thinking about the crime and violence in the community, then this information can help you feel safe here. The crime rate in Ordway Rd has been low for some years. Rest assured that you will not be harmed or hurt whenever you are walking in the streets. Your chance of being a victim is 1 out of 1,700 which implies this place is very safe. The crime rate here is one of the lowest among the other communities in Centreville.

Centreville: The Place To Be

Everything you need is in Centreville. If dining in restaurants or fast food chains, shopping in malls or pampering in spas and salons are your things, then being here, according to Ordway Rd real estate experts, is perfect for you. These recreational places are nearby for you to cool off from stress. The economy is sustained for a long time which maintains the kind of life when living here.

Purchasing Houses

Buying houses is a good investment for you and your family. If you are worrying whether this investment is going to be expensive, then you are wrong. Ordway Rd homes are being sold affordably. They start from $320,000 to $900,000 per unit. You can choose from a wide array of houses such as townhomes, bungalows, mansions and detached houses.

Mike Putnam: The Best Man Among The Ordway Rd Real Estate Experts

To get the house you want, you have to choose the top Ordway Rd realtor to do the job. The best realtor in town is no other than Mike Putnam. He has the knowledge and skill to give you what you need, may it be in selling or in buying homes.

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