Sully Park Dr Real Estate

Real Estate in Sully Park Dr

If you want a peaceful community which can provide you all the things you need in life, this is the place to be. Sully Park Dr is one of the most livable places in Centreville, Virginia. It gives its residents the life they all deserve. Through the joint efforts of the people, it has acquired the status of having a sustained economy which does not fluctuate. Because of this, there are endless opportunities for its residents to claim and eventually enjoy. The main outcome of all these things is the dramatic growth of Sully Park Dr real estate market.

Sully Park Dr Real Estate

Schools Nearby

School is one of the institutions a community should have to attain holistic development. In Sully Park Dr, there are schools such as:

  • Deer Park Elementary School (0.9 mi)
  • Stone Middle School (0.3 mi)
  • Westfield High School (2.1 mi)

Low Crime Rate Index

The top priority of an ideal community is the security of its residents. These people should always feel safe and sound in the place they are living in. They should not worry that there is something bad that is going to happen anytime. It is glad for you to know that one of those places which value the safety of their people is Sully Park Dr.

Type Of Houses

When thinking about a house, money is always part of the thought. Sully Park homes are being sold in fair amounts which play around $300,000 as the minimum to $900,000 as the maximum. Depending on the type of house you want, you can choose from bungalows, mansions and detached homes.

Centreville Is For You

Centreville never lets anyone miss out the benefits of living here. You could experience the benefits too if you choose to be here. Some of the things you can get here are: stable lifestyle, sustained economy, quality education, great places to hang out and relax, and a whole lot more for you to check out once you are living here.

Mike Putnam: The Best Guy In Sully Park Dr Real Estate

Choosing or selling a home can be a piece of cake when you have someone to help you out with the whole process. This guy should have enough experience and skills to give you great results. The top Sully Park Dr real estate expert is Mike Putnam and he is the perfect guy for the job.

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