Sully Station Dr Real Estate

Real Estate in Sully Station Dr

Sully Station Dr is a great community when it comes to giving importance to human necessities. This place has a sustainable economy that provides a high standard of living to the people. A proper education is always a must in this community. Hence, there are sufficient houses that accommodate the influx of new residents. The Sully Station Dr real estate is doing well.

Sully Station Dr Real Estate

Availability of Schools

In Sully Station Dr, there are enough schools for everyone. These are:

  • Cub Run Elementary School
  • Stone Middle School
  • Westfield High School

Crime Incidence Level

Crimes are hard to avoid. What communities can do about it is to lessen their number. Fortunately, in Sully Station Dr, you are secured and safe because this is one of the safest places in the whole of Centreville, Virginia. This neighborhood values your safety.

Types Of Houses

The usual cost of Sully Station Dr homes play around $350,000 to $700,000. You can choose from bungalows, townhouses, mansions, condo units and multiple-story houses.

Why Centreville?

If you want a place where you can have a good living, then Centreville is the place for you. It has a stable economy that offers people a stable lifestyle. It has institutions like schools that provide education to the young minds. Places like malls, restaurants, parks, hospitals and others are also present whenever you need to visit them. Everything you need is here and you need not to go anywhere else.

Mike Putnam: The Trusted Sully Station Dr Real Estate Specialist

The real estate industry is no joke. Doing it all by yourself if you are no expert is difficult but if you have someone to help you out in making decisions, then the process becomes easier. The guy who is up for the job is Mike Putnam, the top Sully Stations Dr realtor. He knows how everything works so you don’t have to worry because this guy always produces the best results to his clients.

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