Centreville Real Estate

Centreville is known as a Census Designated Place (CDP) that is located in Fairfax County, Virginia. This is a suburb location in Washington D.C. Proximity wise, this place is 20 miles away from the western part of Washington D.C. This is not so far from the highly urbanized area. Despite its suburban setting, the real estate business in this place has been very vibrant for several years now. There has been a dynamic real estate market in this city because of its increasing population. Way back in 2010 Census, the population in this city was 71,135 people. This demographic figure serves as the main factor why there are a lot of houses, condominium units, apartments for rent, and even commercial buildings rising in this place. Centreville Real Estate has really been so hot among the real estate businesses operating in the State of Virginia.

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Since the real estate industry in Centreville has really been performing well, it is significant for you to consider buying a new home here. Centreville homes will be a great investment. If your financial capacity is a problem, you can avail some housing loans that are available here. You can contact the known Centreville realtor, Mike Putnam.

5 Reasons Why to Buy a Centreville Home


Due to increasing population every year, the real estate investors had increased their investment to construct more homes for sale. The homes for sale that are available in Centreville are priced affordably. This is the first reason why you have to buy a home here. There’s affordability of the available homes, because there’s an increased housing inventory. The increased housing inventory has happened due to still increasing population.


It’s considered by real estate professionals that buying a home is a good investment. One clear reason is that there is always an appreciating value when you possess a home. Therefore, Centreville Real Estate is a good investment. The risks embedded in the market cycle are superseded by the usual appreciation of the home value through the years.

High Leverage

In terms of financing, owning a home in Centreville can have a ‘high leverage’ impact. This high leverage impact is evident when you approach a particular bank and you’d ask for a loan program to assist you financially in acquiring a new home. Usually, the usual bank practice tends to support you immediately, because you will be acquiring a home. Having a loan from a bank for this purpose has a higher probability than having a loan from a bank for another purpose.

High Return on Investment

There’s always a passive income when you buy a home in Centreville and you let other people to rent your purchased unit. In a sense, there’s an attached high return on investment (ROI) when you buy a home in this place. There are a lot of people looking for a suburb home to rent. So there’s always a high ROI with Centreville Real Estate property like a Centreville home.

Increasing Rentals

Relevant to the recent context, the rentals of your purchased home in Centreville are always increasing. It is true because there’s always an increasing passive income and the value is always appreciating. Through the years and due to inflation rate of the commodities on the market, the home rentals are always on the increasing trend.

Substantially enough, the 5 reasons to buying a home in Centreville can easily be understood. So you have to take this chance, since buying such home is a nice investment. The population is always increasing; thus, the market is always large.

Mike Putnam: Centreville Real Estate Expert

Mike Putnam is one of the known top Centreville realtors. This person is truly skilled and well trained in the real estate industry. The State of Virginia does have a lot of real estate experts but Mike Putnam is one of the best in this field. You can ask him when you decide to buy a home in this city, or you want to sell your Centreville home.