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The City of Fairfax, colloquially Fairfax City or Fairfax, is an independent city in the commonwealth of Virginia. Today, it has a population of more than 25,000 people and still counting. Because of the growing number of inhabitants, its real estate market has been voluptuously growing. The population growth motivates the elevation of housing inventory rates. There are many housing options to accommodate the people’s need depending on their financial capability. Also, the booming population rate can also be translated into positive and favorable results in the economy of the community. You should never let the opportunity of living in this city slip. Buy a home now among the available Fairfax Homes.

Mike Putnam, A Fairfax Real Estate Specialist

Mike Putnam is a recognized Fairfax Real Estate Specialist in Virginia. He is driven by his passion to help people who are looking for a home to buy in this city as well as those people who are planning to sell their Fairfax home.

Fairfax, VA Real Estate

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Fairfax School System

Education is an important part of the society because it hones the cognitive and tactical skills of a person. Fairfax gives so much importance to school and learning, that’s why it has over 30 schools, private or public. Some of these schools are Frost Middle School and Lanier Middle School, both has more than a thousand enrollees each, Robinson Secondary School with more than four thousand students and Fairfax High School with more than two thousand students, and George Mason University with a roaring more than 26 thousand enrollees, and Stratford University with more than two thousand students. Sending your children here will surely help them create a bright future for their lives.

Fairfax Homes Are Really Good: Buying a New Home Is Important

Living in this city is literally living in the best city in the world because according to Forbes magazine in 2009, Fairfax was rated as third of the “Top 25 Places To Live Well.” Its strong public school system, high median salary, and a rate of sole proprietors per capita make it a good place to build your future. These factors are incredibly important to sustain a wonderful life and these all can be found in Fairfax. In Fairfax, there’s a great reason that you can reach your dreams.

Fairfax, Virginia Real Estate is Definitely Hot!

Without a doubt, Fairfax homes are perfect for you to have a good life. It has one of the best public school systems in the country which make it a suitable place for your kids. The economy has always been good. This has been the reason why the government always expands more jobs. As a result, the real estate demand in this region has been higher compared to other parts of Virginia. It has full of history and culture. The people are so diverse but not in conflict and that’s a good thing. Overall, it is a good place for you and your future. So, you have to buy a new home in Fairfax.

Top Fairfax Realtors

Buy now a home in Fairfax, Virginia, since there are a lot of available homes for sale. This is a wonderful investment opportunity. This is also the right time if you are planning to sell your home in Fairfax. So, you have to ask Mike Putnam, one of the Top Fairfax Realtors, to help you buy or sell your home.