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The City of Fairfax is one of the independent cities in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Specifically, this city is located at the northern part of Virginia. The population here is increasing every year. As of the Census conducted in 2010, its population was 22,565 people. This population is increasing annually, and such increase has caused the real estate industry to flourish in a dramatic way. Estimated 2 years ago (2015), the population in this city that had reached 24,483 people had triggered the increasing sales in Fairfax Real Estate. Such number of people as estimated that year had an increase of 8.5%.

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Fairfax economy is really performing well. For several years, people here are progressing financially, because of the available jobs, business conduciveness, and peacefulness of the entire area, in general sense. In the 2010 survey, it was found out that Fairfax had 8,347 households. Based on computation, the average income per household was $67,642. This income was higher than the income of other Americans from other locations in the country.

7 Factors Why Fairfax Real Estate Is Really Good Now

1. Great Schools for Children Are in Fairfax

There are great schools in the City of Fairfax. These schools are worth the money, because the children can really acquire modern and world-class academic lessons. The schools have state-of-the-art libraries and facilities. When you buy a home in Fairfax, consequently, your children can enjoy the great performance of the schools here.

2. Available Jobs Are Increasing Every Year

To reiterate, the recent average median income of every household was $67,642. So it’s truly evident and factual to consider that there are sustainable jobs available in this area. The jobs offered are for both white-collar and blue-collar potential workers. The economy is flourishing because there are real jobs being created by the business entities in this city. The financial capacity of its residents is one of the impressive reasons why Fairfax real estate has really been doing well for several years.

3. A Real Estate Property in Fairfax Can Fight Economic Inflation

According to Fairfax realtor Mike Putnam, even if the inflation is constantly affecting a lot of people, the real estate industry has the financial resiliency. Owning a real estate asset, like a Fairfax home, is the most effective way to fight against the negative impact of economic inflation.

4. Home Value Always Appreciates

Yes, this is always the perception of the real estate experts from across the globe – the home value always appreciates. So you can buy a home in Fairfax because its value does not depreciate despite economic meltdown or failure. A home in this city is a good and strong investment. Therefore, you have to consider buying a home here.

5. A Fairfax Home Has a Passive Income

When buying Fairfax homes, there’s a great chance that you can have a passive income. A passive income is a financial earning that flows in even if you’re not working, not exerting effort, and not spending too much time. Unlike other conventional businesses, a home is beneficial to earning passively.

6. A Fairfax Home Is a Good Source of a Retirement Income

Acquiring a Fairfax home is a good source of a retirement income. Once you own a home in this city and you have home renters, you can have a continuing income flow. So even if you already retire from your job, you are still earning. This is somehow different from your pension and other retirement benefits. Owning a Fairfax home can help you have a constant income regardless of your age.

7. Home Cost Is Cheap and Affordable, but Every Home for Sale Is Presentable

Due to high housing inventory rate, the cost of every home for sale is cheap and affordable. Yet, the homes that are being sold on the market are presentable and comfortable. You can buy a home here for as low as $180,000 a unit. So, take this wonderful opportunity now to purchase a Fairfax home.

The Best Fairfax Realtor Mike Putnam

If you are already decided to buy and own a new home, you can trust the most trusted name among the top Fairfax realtors, Mike Putnam. He is the most trusted name in the field, so you have to rely on his Fairfax real estate expertise and knowledge. Fairfax is a great place to live in, so buy a home now!