Manassas Real Estate

Being an independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia is an indicator that Manassas is a progressive place. The progress in this city is the reason why Manassas Real Estate is impressive. Surrounding this place are two of the most notable areas such as Manassas Park and Prince William County. It’s been said that this city has some historic sites which serve as the national cultural heritage. The most popular historic site is Ben Lomond Historic Site.

Moreover, the climatic conditions in this area are hot, humid summers, and mild to cool winters. These types of climatic condition serve as one of the main reasons why this place attracts so many people from other places.

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Dramatic Population Growth

Way back in 1880, the population here was only 361. Who cared to live here before? Nobody! In the 1950s, there were good signs of economic progress, as the population here had reached 1,804 (38.6% increase). In 1980, the population was 15,438, showing evidently a 68.5% increase. Way back in 1990, the residents here were 27,957 people. In the year 2000, 35,135 were living here. This figure was a 25.7% demographic increase. Then, in the year 2010, the most recent population survey had indicated that there were 37,821 people living in here. As estimated in 2014, there were 11.3% increase of its population, which had reached 42,081 people.

This dramatic population growth is a strong indicator that Manassas homes have increasingly been selling. More and more people were coming in the past years and decades because of the notable economic development as triggered by a lot of factors. Then, this reality has solidified the real estate industry in this area. More homes, townhouses, condo units, and mobile homes were being sold in Manassas Real Estate the past years because of the perceived life sustainability here.

Businesses And Jobs

In terms of business and jobs, this city is a place where there is really a vibrant life. More companies were coming in as well to provide jobs for the residents whose number is annually growing. Just in Manassas Regional Airport, there are 26 local businesses listed. The largest employer here is Micron Technology, the manufacturer of semiconductors for domestic and international markets. Lockheed Martin, which employs around 1,500 workers, is also headquartered here.

Because businesses are here, good life is here as well. More jobs are created monthly and annually just to sustain the needs of the growing number of inhabitants. So, living in here is really a good thing to decide. If you’re economically down in your present place of residence, migrating here is beneficial. Thus, you have to buy a home, because Manassas real estate is financially beneficial.

Manassas Schools At All Levels

If you have 1 or more children, the City of Manassas has a lot of schools to offer. These schools are globally competitive and have the high academic standards. From prep schools to high schools and even to tertiary academic institutions, they are here. The schools system has been performing very well. In fact, the school system in this city is one of the best in the entire State of Virginia.

Restaurants And Shopping Malls

There are also a lot of restaurants and shopping malls in this city. Knowing that there are around 50,000 thousand people living in here at present, the presence of those restaurants and shopping malls is really important. Two of the best restaurants this place can offer are Katerina’s Greek Cuisine and Tony’s New York Pizza. They are really good in terms of cuisine servicing.

More to say, the popular shopping malls in this city are VA Smoke Shop, Woodbine Shopping Center, and Manassas Crossroads Retail. They are serving hundreds of people every day. Therefore, it’s not hard to live here, since there are a lot of must-go restaurants and malls in this place.

Excellent Transportation System

There is also an excellent transportation system in the City of Manassas. A few minutes after a certain ride, you can be at your workplace. There’s comfort here since commuting is not a hassle. The public transport system has been doing so well here since the past several years until now. The local bus services are offering an efficient transportation for people to enjoy.

Buy A Home Now While Manassas Housing Is Hot!

As the essential factors, like good schools and transportation services, were already revealed, it’s a must to buy a home in Manassas. One good reason that must not be taken for granted is that the real estate in this place is very hot today. Meaning, there are a lot of affordable homes for sale. The inventory of housing is very high as of the moment. The average housing cost here, according to top Manassas realtors, was recently marked at $259,100 per unit. But if you want to save more, you can buy even a residential unit costing $180,000 only.

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