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One of the progressive cities in Fairfax County is the City of McLean. This city had 48,115 people 6 years ago. The total number of people is increasing yearly. In 2010 population survey, there were about 17,063 households registered in the government listing. If such figures are going to be translated, the McLean Homes business in this urbanized town has been achieving growth and success for several years. As of today, the residents are more than 50,000 people. This is one of the most livable cities in the country.

McLean, Virginia Real Estate Specialist: Mike Putnam

Mike Putnam is a locally touted Real Estate Specialist in McLean, Virginia. He is an expert in helping those looking for a home to buy or those looking for buyers to buy a home in McLean.

McLean VA Real Estate

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McLean School System

McLean City has the top schools in all academic levels. First, the highly rated elementary schools in this town are Spring Hill Elementary School, Chesterbrook Elementary School, and Franklin Sherman Elementary School. Second, the middle and high schools in this area are also performing well academically. The top high school is McLean High School, which was ranked 4th overall in the entire Virginia. Then, there are also universities in this city, like Marymount University and DeVry University.

Buy A Home In McLean City, Virginia

McLean City has a number of big companies such as Mars, Geebo, Booz Allen Hamilton, Freddie Mac and Hilton Worldwide. These companies offer a lot of good paying jobs. Thus, it is good place to live in. You cannot regret if you’ll decide to migrate in this city in Fairfax County. Aside from the job offers, there are also prominent restaurants, shopping malls, and fitness centers in this area. In other words, you can really enjoy your life dramatically. Your family also can live a happy life if you will decide to buy a new home in this city.

McLean Homes Make Virginia Real Estate So Hot!

Buying McLean homes is the best decision to make this year. This could be a selfless decision if you will buy a home here, either a brand new home or a foreclosed one. There are a lot of offers from the existing real estate agencies in this area. The real estate agents working in this city are all professionals. They can help you find the right place and home for you. They can also help you find some financial institutions to help finance your home while you are still stabilizing your stay here with your new job.

Top McLean Realtors

So, you have to buy a McLean Home in Virginia. This is a right decision because home buying is a good investment. Selling your McLean home now is also perfect because the real estate demand is so high. You need to seek help from the Top McLean Realtors.