McLean Real Estate

McLean is located at Fairfax County, Virginia. This place has been very popular for years and decades because most of the country’s high-ranking public officials, like diplomats and congress members, were living here. It has become popular due to its close distance to the center of Washington D.C. and even to the known Central Intelligence Agency. Since it is popular, people were migrating here. As of the recent population census, there were about 48,115 people as inhabitants that boosted McLean Real Estate business. The said census was conducted way back in 2010.

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Before going further to some facts relevant to real estate industry, let’s take a look first at the highlights of its population transition after years and decades. In 1970, the population here was 17,698. It had a 101.5% increase in 1980, as the number of people were 35,664. After 10 years (1990), there were 38,168 people living in this city. It had increased again to 38,929 in the year 2000. Then, the recent survey in 2010 had given the figure stated above.

The foregoing explanation has something to do with McLean real estate development and economic progress. As a clear idea, the housing industry has really been very vivacious. There were a lot of available homes for sale and even condo units for sale. So if you want to live in a place where the luxury of life is always present, choose McLean, Virginia.

Economy Drives A Fantastic Real Estate Growth

The driving force that has had driven the ultimate growth of McLean real estate is the continuing economic growth. This is where the big companies, such as Mars, Geebo, Booz Allen Hamilton, Freddie Mac and Hilton Worldwide are found. Further, the mentioned companies have given sustainable economic progress to each and every resident.

Consequently, the real estate industry has been progressing. In fact, the median home value in this place was almost a million dollars (at $908,000). This indicates the progressiveness in this city. There is true economic growth here, that’s why people continue to come in.

To be specific, the labor force in this place is diversified. The categories of the labor force are specified below:

  • Professional
  • Scientific
  • Management
  • Administrative
  • Waste Management Services
  • Educational Services
  • Health Care
  • Social Assistance
  • Public Administration

There Are Good Schools

Transferring to a new place is crucial. One main concern is the proximity of the place to schools. There’s no problem in McLean. There are truly good and highly-acclaimed schools in this area. The schools are for all academic levels. According to Fairfax County Public Schools, the academic institutions here are good enough to sustain the educational demands of the young generation.

3 More Reasons To Buy McLean Homes

Shopping Malls

There are known shopping malls or centers in McLean. You can shop daily, bi-weekly, or weekly. Anytime you want, you can buy things from Ballston Common Mall, All Things Patriotic LLC, or Pandoa Tysons Corner Mall.


There are so many restaurants to go when you’re living in this city. The known restaurants in McLean are Seasons 52 – Tysons Corner, Amoo’s House of Kabob, and Kazan Restaurant. You can go and dine in there at night after office time or during weekend with your loved ones or friends.

Transportation System

The transportation system also in this place is awesome. Risk-free and hassle-free! 100% guaranteed that you can have a smooth daily transportation wherever you want to go. There are a lot of transportation services present in this area. This is the place where a complete package of life luxury is available.

Buy A Home Now!

So, buy a home right now in McLean. This is a good investment for you to consider. Firstly, you can find any job you want once you’re here. Secondly, there are good schools, restaurants, shopping centers and hassle-free transportation system in the area. Thirdly, the homes being sold through the agents are affordable. If you can also afford a home costing millions of dollars, you can have one unit here.

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