Oakton Real Estate

Oakton is one of the highly-progressive places in Fairfax County, Virginia. This economically progressive place is 15 miles away from the southwest part of Washington D.C. It has 36,166 residents per population survey in 2010. The population increase in this area has triggered the increasing sales in Oakton Real Estate properties.

Due to the economic affluence in this city, the real estate industry has really been booming for years now. Hence, buying Oakton homes is advised. This is a good decision to make. If you will ask some of the brilliant and experienced real estate experts, like Mike Putnam, they will really tell you that you have to grab the opportunity of buying a residential unit in this city.

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7 Best Things To Learn Why Oakton Real Estate Is the Best

Good Schools

The economic affluence in Oakton is one of the best things to learn why there are highly recognized academic institutions in this area. There are truly good schools here. If you want to send your children to any of the good schools in the entire country, not just in the State of Virginia, this is the perfect place to choose.

Scrumptious Foods Everywhere

There are good restaurants also in this city. If you always crave to tasting savory foods, the restaurants in Oakton are the answer. The three top restaurants here are:

  • Luciano Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria
  • Kob Kun
  • Old Peking Restaurant

These restaurants offer tasty and delicious foods. So you can enjoy one of the real essence of life once you’re here – to eat a lot of tasty food.

Shopping Malls

There are a lot of malls in the area. Oakton is the home of Oakton Shopping Center, Fair Oaks Mall, and Abbey’s Hallmark Shop. These are the locations where you can shop everything you want. You can shop the things that give you psychological satisfaction. Hence, living in this city is truly amazing.

Fitness Centers

The top 3 fitness centers in Oakton, Virginia, with state-of-the-art facilities, are:

  • Anytime Fitness
  • Underground Athlete
  • Oak Marr RECenter

Having a daily or weekly fitness activities is possible when you are living in this wonderful city in the State of Virginia. You can have fitness training that are truly essential to your overall health and life longevity. It is important to know where the fitness gyms are, because fitness is one thing you should not forget every single day of your life.

Recreational Areas

Listed below are some of the best recreational areas in the City of Oakton.

  • Oak Marr Recreation Center
  • Oakton Community College – Sports and Recreation Center
  • Skokie Park District

You can bring your family as well as your friends to any of the cited recreational centers in this city. You can have ultimate enjoyment anytime you want.

Active Night Life Makes Oakton Real Estate Interesting

Talking about night life is one of the things most people are considering when moving and migrating to a particular place. In the City of Oakton, there are bars and other hangout areas suitable for night-time enjoyment and leisure. Some of the best hangout areas are the Patriot Pub and Grill, PJ Skidoos Restaurant, Dolce Vita Cicchetti Wine Bar and Revolution.

High Housing Inventory

Lastly, the 7th thing you have to learn why you have to buy a home in Oakton real estate listings is that the housing inventory is so high nowadays. Meaning, there are a lot of housing options. You can pick a home based on your demand and capacity. You can purchase a low-end, a middle-class, or a high-class home. Through the local listings, you can have a clear overview on what home is appropriate for your family.

Oakton Real Estate Expert Mike Putnam

Now, as your questions in mind about some things to consider when living in a certain place were already answered by the foregoing facts, you need a person to help you find the perfect home for your family. This is the reason why you need nobody but only Mike Putnam, one of the top Oakton realtors. He is the perfect guy you have to ask for with respect to any of these three essential things:

  • You want to buy a home (new or foreclosed) in Oakton;
  • You want to sell your Oakton home; and/or
  • You want to avail a housing loan in Oakton.

Mike Putnam is the only expert who can help you have a fulfilling life in this city. He has been in the real estate industry for so many years now. Rest assured, he can really help you.