A Quick 4th Quarter Market Update

The election has long been looming over our market. A lot of sellers are waiting until spring to sell, which opens up a great opportunity for sellers now.

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We’ve got a 4th quarter market update to share with you today that will cover what’s going on in the market right now and what it means to you.

The 4th quarter has started off with some really interesting trends with the craziness of this year’s election. A large portion of sellers who had planned on selling in the next two or three months have decided to wait until spring to sell. In response, inventory has dropped substantially and the pending sales have started to soar by going up by almost 11%.

Because of this election, there will be a huge turnover within the next 90 days, not to mention personnel all the military that will be relocated this time of year. We will also have buyers in the market that need to purchase before the end of the year for tax reasons.

Sellers have a golden opportunity in this market.

This has created a golden opportunity for any sellers to maximize their sale price. The two biggest assets in selling your house are low inventory and a lot of buyers. The great thing is that the next 90 days offer both.

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