Sell a House Fast with These 3 Tips

Sell a home fast when you do it right.

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A property for sale gets more views in the first 21 days on the market, which is why it’s important to focus on how to sell a house fast. After those three weeks when it’s no longer a new listing, people pay less attention and start checking out the competition. The longer a home is listed, the more buyers wonder what’s wrong with it and the seller must be willing to negotiate the price. Here are three tips to help you sell your property quickly.

1. Do Your Prep Work to Sell a House Fast

One of the best ways to ensure your home gets an offer right away is to do work beforehand to ensure it creates a positive impression. What can you do to make your home stand out? Here are some suggestions to inspire you:

• Trim the lawn and add new low-maintenance plants
• Paint the exterior is it looks old and faded
• Reduce clutter in all of the rooms
• Paint the walls
• Update kitchen and bathroom hardware and paint cabinets
• Remove personal items from view
• Reduce items in closets and cabinets to increase appearance of storage space
• Update any outdated aspects of the home
• Make repairs inside and out
• Clean carpets
• Deep clean the house

No matter your budget, you can follow this list to make your home look its best for prospective buyers.

2. Price It Right

A big turnoff for buyers is a home that is overpriced. They will just move on to the next property that fits their budget. To avoid overpricing your home when you first list it, work with a knowledgeable realtor who is experienced in your market and neighborhood.

Many sellers make the mistake of thinking they can put a higher price on their home and negotiate later if necessary. However, a home that is priced correctly in the first place will sell much faster. When you start lowering the price because of no activity, buyers wonder what’s wrong with the property.

Even if you’re not quite ready to list your house, you can talk to several real estate agents to ask for comparable listings. These are properties that have sold in your neighborhood within the last few months. The information tells you the asking price, the selling price and other data that you can use to compare to your own home. The bottom line is that if it is priced right, you can sell a house fast.

3. Offer More

Want to sell a house fast? Offer the buyers something more. Be flexible on closing dates to accommodate buyers or be willing to pay a portion of closing costs. Almost every seller includes appliances with the house, so that doesn’t qualify as extra unless you have the latest models or you add in a washing machine and dryer or other appliances not usually seen in the listings.

If your home is outdated and needs some work, you can still appeal to buyers by offering more. Anyone who comes to see your home will be expecting to put in some sweat equity, and you can sweeten the deal with a flooring allowance or other concessions. This is deducted from the selling price to compensate for the cost of repairs or replacement.

Many times, you’ll know what will appeal to potential buyers when it comes to creating an appealing listing. Your agent will also be able to tell you what is sure to get their attention. You can also be flexible when it comes to negotiating after you receive an offer. Many buyers put in special requests with their initial offers that you can agree to which will help you sell your home fast.

For example, a buyer may want a longer closing date or even a shorter one. They may ask for contingencies that vary from the standard or request special items to be included in the sale. If you want your home to be one of those that goes under contract within three weeks of listing, you must be willing to negotiate with interested buyers.

These three tips will help your home sell quickly once it’s been listed. The most important thing to know about getting a fast sale is to hire a realtor with a strong reputation for closing the deal. Don’t be afraid to ask how long it usually takes for them to get a home sold. You want to work with someone who will do the necessary tasks to sell your home. As long as you do your part, you’ll see the results and be ready to move out and on with your life.


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