Sterling Real Estate

Sterling is one of the communities located at Loudoun County, Virginia. It is found northwest of Herndon, eastern part of Ashburn, western section of Great Falls, and near to Washington Dulles International Airport. This city is the former location of AOL. The geographical location of Sterling has become instrumental for its economic prosperity and Sterling real estate progress. Meaning, people here, which were estimated as 27,822 way back in 2010, have been very progressive in terms of financial aspect. They have jobs. Thus, they have a higher financial capability contrasting the financial difficulty experienced by other people living in other areas of the country.

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Furthermore, the Sterling real estate industry has been developing well because of the increasing population and financial stability. People can afford to buy homes for sale or even those homes priced expensively. So deciding to migrate to this place is a sound decision to make. You can live here by buying a home in Sterling. Or, you can buy a home here and find someone to rent it for profit purpose. Real Estate Specialist Mike Putnam can help find and buy Sterling homes.

Presence Of Big Companies Triggers Economic Growth

The presence of big companies serves as the anchoring factor why people have been migrating here from other places. The big companies giving a lot of jobs to the Sterling residents are Neustar, Electronic Instrumentation and Technology, and Paxfire, which accordingly have had accumulated an annual gross income of $20,000,000 or more. This statistical figure is really remarkable.

Economic Growth Triggers Holistic Progress

The triggered economic growth had led to a holistic progress. This holistic economic progress is the main cause of these realities. First, there are good schools operating in this community at Loudoun County. The good schools are globally competitive with respect to the academic standards. The teachers being hired are brilliant. The school facilities are highly technical and updated.

Second, aside from education, there are a lot of recreational centers in this area. The known recreational sites in Sterling are Claude Moore Park, Claude Moore Recreation Center, Algonkian Regional Park, Dulles Golf Center and Sports Park, and Sterling Golf Club. These sites are good places where you can have time for leisure with your family and friends.

Third, there is a great transportation system in the area. This reality is being triggered by the holistic progress happening in Sterling. The infrastructure projects of the government had developed the roads which are widened in various locations, such as Route 28, West Church Road, South Sterling Boulevard, Leesburg Pike, Algonkian Parkway, Potomac View Road, Waxpool Road, and Cascades Parkway.

Fourth, the public works and services of the government, which are also supported by private and business entities, are really wonderful. The services are focused on giving the inhabitants the needed rescue and emergency assistance. Most services are offered and rendered by Sterling Volunteer Rescue Squad.

Fifth, the holistic economic growth had triggered the dramatic progress in real estate. So there are a number of housing options you can choose from. If you want to save money, you can a buy a home for sale. Or, if you have enough money, you can purchase a million-worth house. The increased inventory rate in real estate is the main factor why the options are numerous when it comes to housing.

Buy A Home In Sterling Real Estate Today!

It’s been said that the industry of Sterling real estate has been so hot these days. So you need to buy a house here due to 5 reasons specified below.

  • There are affordable homes for sale.
  • There are great and nice schools in Sterling.
  • There are a lot of available jobs.
  • Living here is coupled by comfort and ease.
  • Buying a home is sort of viable investment.

Are You Ready To Buy A Home In Sterling?

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