Top Alexandria Realtors

Alexandria is known as an Independent City in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This city has been one of the hottest real estate markets in Northern Virginia. Thus, there are a lot of Top Alexandria Realtors operating in this area. The respective realtors have their individual web sites where the listings of houses for sale and commercial buildings for rent are found.

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The increase in Alexandria real estate sales since the past few years can be attributed to population growth, economic stability, availability of great schools, perfect business environment and good local governance. For you to understand better why the top Alexandria realtors are suggesting that you have to buy a home here, you have to know first the 7 quick facts about this city.

7 Quick Facts About The Alexandria VA

1. Quaintness is all over the city.

Quaintness is everywhere in the City of Alexandria. There are a number of peculiar sites to be found here. It’s being overloaded with must-visit restaurants, like Eamonn’s Fish and Chips Shop. Then, there’s also a place, called “The Hour,” where anybody can find a boutique that can still be viewed in a colonial setting.

2. Churches are like Starbucks.

The church buildings in this city are so historic. They’re built long, long time ago. They have had established a strong foundation of historical importance in the entire locality. Two of the known old churches in the city are Saint Mary Catholic Church (built in 1795) and Alfred Street Baptist Church (built in 1818). The latter was the first Baptist Church of Black Americans in Alexandria.

3. Sexy Man Ankles are displayed everywhere.

During the annual Scottish Christmas Walk, you can see sexy man ankles marching everywhere, through the streets of the city. This is one of the must-see cultural traditions here. It happens every month of December.

4. Gadsby’s Tavern is located here.

The known names in the country, like former presidents George Washington and John Adams, were used to visit this place as their usual hangouts hundreds of years ago. This place is currently a restaurant and at the same time a museum. A lot of people come here every single day to eat and to have a museum tour.

5. Graveyards and ghosts are popular in this city.

Those people who did tour in this area were able to witness the shows regarding the existence of graveyards and ghosts in the City of Alexandria. The graveyards and ghosts have become the most exciting local attractions in the city which can be witnessed in the scariest sites of Market Square and the known Old Christ Church Cemetery.

6. Birchmere is for music lovers.

Almost all people are music lovers. Yes, they are. You, too, right? Birchmere is the known local hangout place where people can witness the big music names in the country. In this place, the big names in the music industry, like Dave Matthews and Mary Chapin Carpenter, went here to play their music for the local folks to enjoy.

7. Waterfront offers good leisure time.

If you want to unwind, waterfront is the perfect to go to while you are here. Actually, this is one of the reasons why the people in Alexandria are increasing in number each and every year. It is near the Potomac River. This is perfect for biking, jogging, hiking, as well as boating. You can also enjoy good foods at Chart House Restaurant.

The given 7 quick facts about this city in Northern Virginia are really important. They can offer you an ecstatic experience. So, it’s good if you’re going to request the top Alexandria realtors to help you find a new home to buy in this city.

How To Choose The Right Realtor?

Choosing the right and perfect realtor is quite challenging. But, you have to execute some important strategies here, so that you can really have a real estate expert. These strategies are actually recommended by the top Alexandria realtors.

1. Look for the recent home buyer in Alexandria.

If you can do this, you have to look for the person who recently bought a house in this city. This is important so that you can hear his or her personal views regarding the experience he or she got from the chosen real estate specialist. Through this process, you can have the first ‘big shot’ when it comes to choosing the perfect real estate agent.

2. Determine whether or not the recommended real estate agent is licensed.

Job license is a general requisite. So, if you want to avoid transaction failure, you need to determine if the referred realtor is licensed or not. This is important, truly. To determine his or her license, you can ask the state’s regulatory body.

3. Choose a realtor with some accolades on his or her name.

Job recognition is important. Awards by virtue of achievements are truly significant to gauge the character of the realtor you will choose from the top Alexandria realtors in Northern Virginia. So, you have to ascertain someone who received some recognition and awards.

4. Right credentials are important, too.

Credentials are what will give your mind the needed enlightenment. So, you need to determine the professional and educational background of the person involved. Credentials are really significant to succeed in buying Alexandria homes.

5. Experience talks a lot.

You have to determine as well the experience of the realtor being referred to or you’re going to pick. His or her experience really matters. His or her experience will involve the years he or she is in the industry. Remember that picking one among the Alexandria realtors is crucial, so experience is a good reference point.

Type of Housing in Alexandria

Briefly, the types of housing in the City of Alexandria are listed below.

  • Newly-constructed units
  • Townhouses for sale
  • Homes for sale
  • Condo for sale
  • Mobile homes for sale

These types of houses can accommodate your demand. You have to only make sure that you choose the right realtor for you to be guided well.

Mike Putnam: One Of The Top Alexandria Realtors

Mike Putnam is the best in the job. He is the best among the top Alexandria realtors, because of the following reasons.

  • He is recommended by a lot of people who had real estate transaction with him.
  • His credentials are empirical, substantial and heavy.
  • He knows everything about Northern Virginia homes.
  • He is more realistic than others when it comes to terms and other related real estate matters.
  • He is deeply experienced and acquainted in the field.

The 5 cited reasons would be enough to persuade you that Mike Putnam is truly the best realtor in Northern Virginia. He is professional and output-oriented. He wants all clients to be happy right after every real estate transaction.