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Part of the Loudoun County, Virginia is the City of Ashburn which had a total population of 43,511 based on 2010 United States Population Census. Through the years, this city has been recognized as one of the best places to live not just in the State of Virginia but also in the entire country. This city is located 30 miles away from the downtown of Washington D.C. Because of its unparalleled economic progress, there are a number of Top Ashburn Realtors who are operating in the area to cater the real estate needs of so many people. Therefore, buying or selling a home can be very easy and comfortable through the help from any of those realtors.

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The Top Ashburn Realtors are willing to help you find a new place and a new house to suit up your needs and demands. You can purchase a nice yet affordable home. However, you should consider that the lifestyle in this city is a bit higher in cost compared to living in other cities in Northern Virginia. Prior to having a final decision to buy a home here, you should know first some of the facts why the City of Ashburn has been recognized as one of the best places in Virginia.

Must Read: Some Facts About The City Of Ashburn

Ashburn is a rich city. This city as mentioned above is highly progressive. That’s why there are a lot of people living here. There are job opportunities in the area, leading to the continuing growth of its population. The economic richness is really the primary factor why there are a lot of expensive homes here. Further, there are also a lot of good schools operating for all academic levels. So, it’s not a problem what schools your kids are going to study.

There are so many parks and trails. According to, the Washington and Old Dominion Trail is a 45-mile trail, with 100-foot width. This trail area is fit for various physical activities, like hiking, walking and biking. From dusk to dawn all year round, this trail is open to everybody. Then, there are trees that serve as the shades of the entire community. Walking or jogging here is not crucial because of the proven safety and security implemented between and among the neighborhoods.

Sports pavilion is really a nice place. The Ashburn Village Sports Pavilion is among the recreational facilities in the city being enjoyed by a lot of people. This is a 32,000 square meters sports complex that can cater various activities, such as indoor and outdoor swimming, as well as sauna and steam bathing. Moreover, the said recreational center has a gymnasium which can serve for various sports activities.

Anybody can enjoy ice skating. In this city lies an ice skating zone known as Ashburn Ice House. If you want ice skating sessions, you can easily go to this place. This is one of the reasons why so many people have had considered the City of Ashburn as one of the must-go cities in Northern Virginia. The said ice skating area also accepts booking for different social events and gatherings. The fees would depend on the activities of the events.

Golf courses are everywhere. Golfing is one of the leisure activities among the rich people in this world. The Brambleton Regional Park is one of the highly popular golf courses in the City of Ashburn. It is an 18-hole golf course that catered some of the big golf events in Virginia. This is being owned by the family members of a wealthy landowner who arrived in this place in the 1700s.

The 5 facts about the City of Ashburn have triggered the growing population of the Top Ashburn Realtors. The realtors are happy and committed to help you find a new home to buy or find a buyer of your Ashburn home if you wish to sell it.

Types Of Ashburn Houses

There are certain types of houses being sold in the City of Ashburn. Most of these types are sold expensively, noting that this city is the home of so many wealthy people. More to say, the city’s lifestyle is more costly than the other cities in the country.

  • Mansions
  • Modern Homes
  • Classy Apartments
  • Condominium Units

If you want to establish a nice business in this city, there are also commercial buildings for sale and for rent. It’s your option that matters. Just feel free to choose one unit based on your needs. Having the professional help of any of the available Ashburn realtors is a great decision to make.

Mike Putnam: The Greatest Among The Available Top Ashburn Realtors

When we say the ‘greatest realtor,’ it does simply mean that Mike Putnam knows everything about real estate transaction. Buying a home? Selling a home? Renting commercial buildings? This real estate expert knows everything. You can expect that you can have the best transaction thereafter.

There are 3 easy and quick reasons why you need to get the professional services of Mike Putnam.

First, his knowledge on Ashburn real estate is vast and deep. It simply implies that you will never regret if you will get his real estate services. From buying to selling, he’s alright. He’s going to give you the best feedback and actionable plans.

Second, he is one of the most popular Top Ashburn Realtors in Virginia. When we say popular, it simply means he has been trusted by a lot of people. His services were all favorably reviewed by the patrons. So, why will you let yourself fail by having a not popular realtor?

Last, he has been in this field for so many years now. Talking about this simply implies that his experience is enough to substantiate his popularity and vast knowledge in the industry he’s been in. His decade-long experience is substantial enough to say that with him, you will never ever regret of buying or selling a home in this rich city.

With all the justifications given above about Mike Putnam, it’s now time for you to make the right decision. He’s one of the Top Ashburn Realtors in Northern Virginia. Trusted. Credible.