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Fairfax is an independent city in the whole Commonwealth of Virginia. The rise of economic development in this area has really been so dramatic for the past several years. Until today, people are enjoying such real economic progress. Hence, the available Top Fairfax Realtors are really performing better than the other real estate experts from other locations in the country.

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Fairfax is a highly recognized city in terms of population growth, economic development, business dynamism, schools availability, among other things. However, the important realities about this city do not end only based on the cited features recently. There are further features in this city that make the business ventures of the Top Fairfax Realtors so active.

Facts About The City Of Fairfax

Recreational centers are everywhere. Data don’t lie. Based on records, there are 9 recreational locations in this area. The said 9 centers are fully equipped with swimming pools, fitness rooms and other amenities and facilities.

There are available golf courses in the city. If you want to play golf in this area, there are listed golf courses. All in all, there are 8 golf courses in the entire city. One of the famous golf courses here is Laurel Hill that is situated in the southern part of this city.

There are nature centers fit for visitors and tourists. The nature centers were established and constructed to cater the tourist needs for a wonderful natural sightseeing. A few of those centers are E. C. Lawrence Park and Huntley Meadows Park. These are all great parks for people to visit.

Lakes are present. The famous lakes in the City of Fairfax are:

  • Lake Fairfax
  • Lake Accotink
  • Burke Lake

You can come and visit the said lakes for relaxation purpose. The visitors of the cited lakes really appreciated their wonders.

Clemyjontri Park is here. This park is known as a playground near the City of Fairfax. This is a worth-visiting place having a size of two acres. This is intended for having fun and recreation.

Ice skating is a reality here. If you are fond with ice skating, then this city is perfect for you. The Mount Vernon Recreational Center is perfect for a wonderful ice skating experience. There are also present skate parks located in the nearby Wakefield Park. This park directly connects to the Audrey Moore Recreational Center.

Kidwell Farm is a nice farm to visit. This is known as a ‘working farm’ decades ago. It was established in the 1930s. Today, it has been visited by a lot of people due to its historic carousel and cider press. The playground area here has also been known due to its historical context.

There are natural and cultural resources centers in the City of Fairfax. These centers are being protected by the Natural Resource Management Plan and Cultural Resource Plans of the government. This is done so that the natural scenery and cultural landscape will be maintained.

There are also areas suitable for picnic activities, tennis playing, off-leashing with dogs, kayaking and canoeing. Perfect, right? Yes, these locations are perfect for wholesome and wonderful activities. They are suitable for family and friends to have get-together and bonding moments. Thus, you can do everything in the City of Fairfax.

Near the City of Fairfax are hundreds of athletic fields. These athletic fields were constructed to allow the inhabitants to have some athletic and sports-related sessions. They are important in order to provide a holistic living to all residents. The presence of synthetic turf fields and FCPS athletic fields are truly awesome.

The presence of the various attractive sites and locations in the City of Fairfax, according to the Top Fairfax Realtors, fascinate a lot of home buyers in this city. The increase in number of home buyers and sellers is a manifestation that there’s really been great and active real estate business activities here.

The cited facts about the City of Fairfax are the persuasive factors why you must live here. Living here requires you to buy a certain home. To do that, you have to choose among the available homes in the City of Fairfax.

Types Of Available Fairfax Homes

This city has a lot of attractive homes to offer. The different types of Fairfax homes are specified below.

  • Mansions
  • Apartments
  • Condo Units
  • Mobile Homes
  • Modern Houses
  • Detached Homes

All these types are present in this city. You are only required to come up with a final decision. Buying a home here is a great investment. Selling a home here is also a great thing to decide, because the real estate engagements have really been very active for several years now.

Mike Putnam: The Trusted Name Among The Top Fairfax Realtors

To decide to buy a home in Fairfax is a crucial thing to do. You need the guidance of experts like Mike Putnam. Who is this guy? He’s the best among the best Fairfax realtors. He’s one of the most trusted names in the industry. He has been in this field for quite so long now. He has been executing effective plans and actions to help people succeed in every real estate business.

Moreover, there are some highlighting factors why you have to choose Mike Putnam among the available and working Top Fairfax Realtors in this area.

First, his name is really trusted. Trust is a thing being built. This is not a natural human gift. This has to be built. In the case of Mike Putnam’s real estate profession, his name is built through the years of experience. He’s been trusted because of his ability to guide people so well in buying or in selling a home.

Second, his track records and credentials are believable. Fairfax Real Estate Expert Mike Putnam, the founder of, has credible professional records and credentials. Besides from being experienced in the field, he has also believable professional credentials and qualifications.

Third, he is negotiable and no-nonsense. Being a no-nonsense realtor in Virginia, it means he knows everything about Fairfax real estate. Then, he is open to deal with considerable negotiations and adjustments, if the case may be. If you want to have an adjusted costing, you can talk to him openly and directly.

Being one of the Top Fairfax Realtors is a great testimony that favors Mike Putnam’s credibility and trustworthiness. He’s the real guy in property buying or selling. Contact him today!