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Mount Vernon is one of a prominent place in Virginia. It is a historical place in Washington D.C. It is located along Potomac River and is near the City of Alexandria in Fairfax County. The population density in this particular city is increasing dramatically every year due to economic prosperity. As a result, there are top Mount Vernon realtors working in this community. They are facilitating people who’ll buy homes or who’ll sell their houses to potential buyers.

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The business entities in this area, according to the Chamber of Commerce, are very dynamic in their operation. They provide jobs, services and commodities to the residents. Hence, the sales in Mount Vernon homes are increasing year after year. According to demographic data, the population in this community was 12,416 in 2010.

5 Quick Facts About Mount Vernon, VA

Let’s take a look now at some of the concise yet important facts about this city.

1. George Washington was the one who redesigned Mount Vernon’s landscape.

After returning from the revolutionary war, George Washington ordered his farm manager to plant groves. This was the beginning of the landscape change. It’s part of the historical account that Washington spent 8 years just to beautify the entire landscape of Mount Vernon. Today, people can see that this city is very attractive.

2. Mount Vernon’s changed landscape was patterned in British landscaping plan.

The landscape design of this city was based on Batty Langley’s Book: New Principles of Gardening. Langley was the Father of British’s naturalistic landscaping procedure. His method was popularly used in England. The same style and methods were applied in this beautiful Virginian city.

3. Washington provided a panoramic view that would pass through the Potomac River.

Most of Washington’s plantations were near the Potomac River. The river itself is a wonderful scenery afar. Today, people can really view and appreciate the wonders of the Potomac River. Thus, buying houses near the river is really fantastic.

4. George Washington established the deer park to amuse the residents and tourists.

The deer park was filled by English and native types of deer. The purpose of which was to provide amusement to the visitors of the park, may they be local residents or outsiders. This is one of the amazing facts in this city.

5. Outside the Mansion, there’s still a natural environment people can appreciate.

This is one of the environmental features of this city. People can still feel the natural environment even if they’re far from the Mansion. Near the Mansion were the planted groves. Then, shrubberies were planted in the distance. Through this fact, there’s always a natural feel.

The facts being explained recently will give you the idea how beautiful this place is. This is why most top Mount Vernon realtors are selling a number of homes annually. More and more people really want to live here.

Buy A Home Here Is An Investment

According to the Mount Vernon real estate specialists, buying a home in this beautiful city near the Washington D.C. is really a good investment. Besides from being a good investment, people can also experience calmness when they’re here. Low crime rate. Peaceful community. Nice natural environment.

Why To Hire A Realtor?

Hiring a particular realtor is really a requisite when it comes to real estate transactions. Most realtors will really recommend this for you to have a successful transaction. Without a credible realtor, there’s a high tendency that you cannot buy the right house. Without a trusted housing professional, you will not be able to find the best buyer of your home for sale.

Mike Putnam: The Best Realtor Ever Among The Top Mount Vernon Realtors

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