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Tysons Corner is an unincorporated community in the County of Fairfax. This city is the home of 19,627 people in the year 2010. It was according to the census conducted by the government. Then, yearly, the population continues to grow. The main reason of such increase is the robust and strong economic productiveness in this area. There are a lot of jobs. There are so many schools within. There are shopping centers. There are restaurants. There are near hospitals. Name it. Everything you need is here in this city. As a result, the activities of so many top Tysons Corner realtors have really been so good for several months and years now. There had been so many people who bought their homes here. The game is not yet over, as there are still a lot of houses available in this city.

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Moving to this city is a sound decision to make. You can do it by buying one unit among the Tysons Corner homes available on the market. The real estate market is always deepening and widening its force. Meaning, the investors have been so energetic and audacious in putting in their money to build and maintain homes for sale. Further, there are also a lot of people who find selling of homes very profitable. These facts have triggered the increase in housing inventory.

Important Facts About Tysons Corner

Explained subsequently are some important facts of this city. You need to read and understand these facts, because they can help you decide to buy a housing unit in this community.

1. Tysons Corner is the largest economic and business region in Fairfax County.

This is really great. It means in the entire Fairfax County, this city is the strongest in terms of economic profile. There are so many jobs in here, due to the presence of so many businesses, from small, to medium, to large-scale businesses. Listed below are the largest business operators in this area:

  • AT&T
  • Boeing
  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Capital One
  • Freddie Mac
  • Gannett
  • Hilton Worldwide
  • IBM
  • MicroStrategy
  • The National Automobile Dealers Association
  • Northrop Grumman
2. Tysons Corner has the largest office spaces in the entire State of Virginia.

Based on the measured data, this city has an office space totaling 26.4 million square feet. This is a nice thing to know. It implies one thing that connects to the first idea. There are a lot of businesses (companies and corporations) in this place. This is a wonderful thing, because jobs are not an issue when you opt this place to be your new area of residence.

3. Washington Dulles International Airport is so near here.

One of the most prominent airports in the whole country is Washington Dulles International Airport. This airport is near here. Thousands of people are coming in this area every day, which means good business. This is one of the valid reasons why the economic activities in this city are very vigorous.

4. Crime rate in this area has been very low through the years.

Despite the busy business activities every day, the crime rate statistics in this particular city remains tolerable. Actually, the number of crimes in this particular city is really low. Based on record, the crime rate is only 2.8%.

5. The Livability Index is +85 while +100 as the highest.

This is another good number. In general, this particular city is very livable. People can live here due to the initial facts given above, such as the low crime rate, availability of so many jobs, and the like. Compared to other cities in Virginia, this one is the best.

The aforementioned facts serve as the reason why there are so many homes that had been sold by the top Tysons Corner realtors in Virginia.

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Why To Buy A Home In Tysons Corner?

Buying a home in this city is really amazing. There are three main reasons why you need to buy a home in this place.

First, the economy is really good based on the contextualized facts above.

Second, owning a home gives you the sense of freedom.

Third, this place is really habitable by any person on this planet.

Finding The Right Realtor

The credible Tysons Corner real estate specialists are telling you that it’s good if you will hire a trusted realtor. He will guide and assist you in everything you must do relevant to home buying or even selling. He is professional and skilled in any real property dealings.

Mike Putnam Is The Best Among The Top Tysons Corner Realtors

If you decide today to buy a home in this city, you need Mike Putnam. He is one of the top Tysons Corner Realtors who can guide you to buy your perfect house. He is also the one to assist you in selling your old house to a potential buyer. His skills are unquestionable. He has been in this industry for so many years now.