Trust Top Northern Virginia Realtors and Follow These 3 Tips for Selling in 2016

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Talk to any of the top Northern Virginia realtors and they’ll tell you this market is hot in 2016. However, rising prices can make it difficult to find buyers as quickly as you might hope for. Here are three key strategies to use to sell your home this year.

Tip 1: Work with Local Top Northern Virginia Realtors

First, start the selling process by working with a Northern Virginia realtor who knows your neighborhood. When you mention Lakeside Park in Fairfax or Briar Patch Park in Sterling, they should know the place you’re talking about.

The advantage of working with a local Northern Virginia realtor is they know the people who live in those towns and the kind of buyers who will fit in and be happy in these communities. You can’t group everyone in Northern Virginia into the same category. Each community is unique, whether it’s Arlington, Centreville, Alexandria or Burke. You want an agent who recognizes these differences because they will be able to lead the right buyer to your home and help you sell it fast.

Tip 2: Know the Local Prices

A 3-bedroom home in Great Falls may sell for one price while the same size home in Ashburn may have a completely different listing price. You can’t generalize pricing based on region. It must be specific to your community and even to other homes on your street.

A realtor can provide you with comparable homes to help you make the right decision on how to price your property. At the same time, you’re the one responsible for listing your home and only you know how much money you need to make the sale profitable. Once you know the prices for other homes on the market in your area, you need to select a realistic number to get multiple offers.

Tip 3: Know How and When to Negotiate

In many cases, it’s a sellers’ market, which means the ball is in your court. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the price you want or you can make any demands. You must know how to work with potential buyers to ensure everyone comes out ahead in this deal.

The top Northern Virginia realtors are skilled negotiators. They’ve been through these transactions many times and in many types of markets. They can help you decide when negotiating will be effective or a waste of time. Your agent can also help you know which points should be negotiated on and when you should stand your ground.

Working with one of the top Northern Virginia realtors will help make selling your home a smooth process. They can provide valuable information about the local markets, whether you’re based in Woodbridge or living in Springfield.

Take advantage of the benefits of today’s Northern Virginia housing market and avoid the pitfalls that are also always present. Work with a knowledgeable agent who has your best interests in mind whenever they offer professional advice, and you’ll find your home with a Sold sign on it faster than you expected.


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