Yoda’s Top 5 Tips to Pricing a Home on Dagobah

If, on this “Fourth be With You” day in May, you find yourself finally ready to break through your period of exile and come out of hiding from the Galactic Empire, then you’ll likely want to heed the advice of Jedi Master Yoda to price your home effectively, so you can trade it in for that latest model starship. But before you get your intergalactic credit approval for your new getaway craft, you need to listen to the advice of Yoda, and price your home correctly.
Here’s what the Star Wars Jedi Master has to say…

1. Look Around, You Must

Yoda’s first tip to pricing your home is to “look around”. If you’re going to afford that new starship, then you’ll need to get the most accurate Dagobah sales data you can find – in particular what your neighbor in the swamp-next-door is priced at. Consider the following:
Look at all homes that have sold in your swamp in the past six months. Look for dwellings (preferably similar) that are on the same side of any major dividing lines, such as logs or swamp-monsters. The difference in price across these barriers can be astronomical.
Compare homes that are similar to the galactic conditions.
Consider the time spent on the market, including any lost light-years between travels.

2. Bricks and Mortar, More Valuable Than Water

Be realistic, you must. Star Wars icon Yoda agrees that the value of your house should be based on its condition. If your home needs repairs, it won’t bring as high a price as one that has been well-maintained. You have two options when it comes to making those repairs: you can either lower the price to compensate for the issues or you can repair your home and list it at a higher price.

3. To Trade a Stone, Does Not Make It Gold

Yoda asks how much you owe the Rebel Alliance for your original training debts. Consider how much you are owing, and if your home sale can’t cover the difference, then you’ll be indebted to yet another Star Wars master. Price your home for at least as much as you owe, and do what you need to do to make that happen. This may be an appropriate time to use the force, and renovate, repair, or refresh your tired swamp dwelling. Maybe you can pick it up and move it to a nicer location?

4. Feel The Market “Force” Around You

To have the best success at a profitable Dagobah sale, you need an idea of whether it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market. Yoda encourages you to “feel the force” of the market conditions, and strike back accordingly.

In a buyer’s market, you’ll need to price your home competitively but slightly above your desired price to allow room for negotiation. And in a seller’s market, you’ll likely have multiple offers if you price your home correctly and get even more than your list price. When you know the type of market you’re selling in, you can create an effective pricing strategy, especially if they happen to be Star Wars fans…

5. Use The Wisdom of Our Forefathers

Not all Dagobah properties are made equal, and you’ll want to work with an experienced Star Wars real estate agent who knows your side of the swamp well. Yoda can point you in the direction of a few contacts he’s made over the past centuries. They’ll be able to provide valuable information and insight into pricing your home to sell fast, bringing your escape from exile a step closer to reality.

If you complete the Star Wars property pricing training, and become a master the force, you will earn your passage away from Dagobah, with the blessing of Jedi Master Yoda. Your new starship will be that much sweeter, and you can proceed to seek vengeance from the Galactic Empire for the hardship of exile. Heed the words of Yoda carefully, as he follows you in spirit, always. May the force be with you…

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